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Home Maintenance Series: Roof & Gutters!

As you know, in Washington, we get A LOT of rain, and I have been to houses where there is just way too much moss overgrowth and subsequent leaks because of it. One of the most important things that you can do to save a ton of money is maintain your roof.

The biggest thing in Washington is moss build up on a roof. Getting rid of moss is going to greatly improve the life of the roof and the quality of the material that's being used on the roof. A popular product to use is Moss Beware, and you can simply put it on, let it sit for a little while, and it helps you easily brush off the moss. You should never use a pressure washer to get the moss off your roof because it will damage your roof and shorten the life of it. If you have an appliance vent, you just want to make sure there's no rust buildup on any of the items. You want to make sure your caulking is in good shape, you probably have to maintain and replace that caulking every two or three years, it's probably recommended.

Gutters are a big part of maintaining not just the roof, but also the foundation. You don't want water constantly coming down onto the foundation. It is recommended to do an annual cleaning of your roof and your gutters. Here in the Pacific Northwest, you'll probably want to do this two or three times a year. The build up of leaves, debris, and then water on your gutters can actually have them detach. So, again, a roof is one of the most expensive things to replace on a home, and at some point, if you own the home long enough, you're going to have to replace the roof, but the better you maintain it, and have it serviced, the longer it's going to last. Roofs start at $7,000 and can go all the way up to $30,000, it really depends on how big your house is.

To get your free copy of Annual Home Maintenance Tips, "Maintain Your Home" link in bio.

And remember, whether you're buying a home or selling a home, it all starts with a dream. Let's dream together! Lynea Carver - (206) 962-0247

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Unknown member
Dec 20, 2021

Always check certification before employing any roofing contractors because in the market there are a lot of fake roofers who run their business without any legal authority.

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