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What will happen to 2021 interest rates?

4 Predictions for the 2021 US Real Estate Market from CoreLogic’s Chief Economist, Frank Nothaft. You may be asking what is CoreLogic and why are his predictions important to consider?

Hi, I’m Lynea Carver with the Carver Home Team and John L Scott Real Estate. My team and I have been selling real estate in Pierce County for over twenty years. I live, eat and breathe real estate.

I trust CoreLogic because CoreLogic is a leading provider to the government and business of analytics of financial and property data. In my opinion their predictions hold their weight in gold because it is based on data and facts.

Prediction #1. We will continue to have low interest rates throughout 2021. Interest rates are at a record low right now. CoreLogic believes the federal reserve will continue to promote low interest rates throughout 2021. Right now, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages are averaging about 2.7 percent nationwide! They forecast that interest rates this year will average right around 2.9%, this will be the first year ever that 30-year fixed-rate mortgages have averaged less than 3%. Mr. Nothaft also predicts these low interest rate levels will go into 2022.

Be sure to search our YouTube channel Lynea Carver for all 4 of the Real Estate predictions for 2021, I’m Lynea Carver with the Carver Home Team. Reach out to us at any time for any questions. We’re here to help. And remember, whether you’re buying a home or selling a home, it all starts with a dream. Let’s dream together!


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