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Sneak Peek of Lake Tapps

I am here in the beautiful area of Lake Tapps, WA. Lake Tapps is about four and a half square miles with 45 miles of shoreline. You want to go boating? You got it. You want to go fishing? You got it. You want to go paddle boarding, kayaking? You got it. This place is all you need.

What you need to know about Lake Tapps is there are a bunch of little inlets and islands throughout. I features a couple of them in this video.

There's a golf course out here and tons of other great spots to check out. In the summertime, driving through here, it's horrible because everyone's on the lake. They actually ended up shutting down the park last year and the lake last year because it got overcrowded with people. On a really nice, hot day this place is awesome.

Another cool thing about Lake Tapps is there's still a lot of land to purchase. We see a house over here that was vacant land not too long ago. Buy the land and build a beautiful house on it. We also have tons of new construction. That's why people like it, because you can buy a brand new home here on the lake for significantly less than what you can find in, say, Seattle or Lake Washington.

The home prices on Lake Washington for a four bedroom, two and a half bath house would probably be somewhere around $2 million. Here, you can buy a quarter acre on the lake. Get a four bedroom, two and a half bath (depending on what side of Lake Tapps you're on) for $1.1 or $1.2 million. That's the way a lot of people like it. It's less populated than Seattle and, in many cases, it's more affordable. Not always, there's always exceptions.

The average home price in 98391 is $636,000. The lowest price home that we have on the market last week was $395,000. The highest price was $1.7 million. So there's a huge range.

Throughout the whole Bonney Lake and Lake Tapps area, you'll see these little developments and little subdivisions everywhere. The home values here get maintained pretty well because there are a lot of HOAs. They do a really good job to protect the home values out here.

Inlet Island is one of the several islands on Lake Tapps. From here on a beautiful clear day, you can see the foothills of Mount Rainier and Mount Rainier in all her glory. Life on Lake Tapps is a very different life. It's a very serene sort of life. There are quiet days on the lake. In the summertime, that's not happening. It's not quiet on the lake. It's a very bustling place to be.

Tapps Island has a ton of homes, but it also has a full 18-hole golf course, which has beautiful views of the mountain and water. It also has an amazing restaurant you'd like to eat at, Island Lodge.

I wouldn't mind living out on the lake. You may not be able to find a shop out here, but some of these homes are just gorgeous. You have little communities inside larger communities.

Lake Tapps, Bonney Lake are about 45 minutes from Seattle. From Tacoma, we're about half an hour, depending on traffic. We have a little bit of everything out here. There's been so much growth and so much influx of people here that in the last year, there've been four storage companies within a small area built here. We have big boxes too. We have Target, Marshalls, Fred Meyer, Home Depot and Lowe's out here. Everyone out here likes to do DIY. There's also a good mix of local small businesses. There's also a brand new ER. We didn't have one out here, but with so many people coming to the area, we actually got that ER.

Thank you for joining me on this sneak peek of Lake Tapps, Bonney Lake area. To know more about this area or see more of my content, just follow me on YouTube.


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