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First Time Home Seller: What are buyers looking for?

In this crazy seller’s market, do you know if your home checks all the boxes that a buyer is looking for? Hi, my name is Lynea Carver, I am with Choice Gallery Homes.

The number one thing is that a home is move in ready, especially now that new construction homes are not priced much higher than an updated existing home with similar size and amenities. If your home needs some updating, a buyer is going to respond with an offer that reflects their perception of the quality of your home. Most people still won't spend more than they should for a property even when the market is strongly in the seller's favor. If someone decides that that they love the home so much and they offer an inflated price, and you get into a contract, your home will still have to appraise for that much. I'll talk more about that in depth in my next video.

If you would like more information about selling your home or to get started go to Whether you're buying a home or selling a home it all starts with a dream. Let's dream together!


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