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Certified Negotiation Expert

I'm a Certified Negotiation Expert, but what does that mean and why does it even matter? I'm Lynea Carver and today I'm going to tell you what a Certified Negotiation Expert is, and what it does for you.

To be a Certified Negotiation Expert is not something that is required by the Washington State Realtors Association, it wasn't even required to get my license. It is an extra credential that I felt I needed to represent my clients at the utmost capacity.

If you watched my previous videos, I talked about how to find your DREAM agent, if you recall, the “M” in DREAM stood for Master Negotiator. As I mentioned in that video, negotiation goes way beyond price. There are things like, as a buyer, how much earnest money should be deposited? Will it be refundable or non-refundable? Who will pay for title? Should there be a title contingency and how long should it be? What about the inspection process? What about the appraisal process? There’re things like home warranty, rent-back, closing date, closing costs and many more. So, as you can see there are several ways that your agent should go to work for you, which is why I chose to become a Certified Negotiation Expert.

I have experience and expertise in negotiation, and I work well with others which is imperative in order for both parties to feel like they got the best deal. It needs to be a win-win for all. Let's put my expertise to work for you. To find out more go to or call me at 206-962-0247 and remember, whether you're buying a home or selling a home it all starts with a dream. Let's dream together!


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